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You need a flashlight when you go camping. It will provide you with light to see. Flashlights have a wide variety in price. It is easy to find one in your budget. They can be very small with just a little light to small with a lot of light. You can get a big spot light that is over a 1,000,000 candle power. What is there to a flashlight The flashlight has to have a good positive switch to turn the flashlight on and off. You want the flashlight to be water resistance (can be rained on) if not water proof (can be submerged in water). The Flashlight can be made out of Aluminum or high impact plastic. The battery size can range from AAA to 6 volt lantern batteries. I always carry a 2 cell AA mag Flashlight in my backpack. It can stay in there a year and it still works.
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