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DMT Quick Edge Aligner Fine/Coarse
Quick Edge Aligner Fine/Coarse Description
Durable polycarbonate guide clamp offers seven pre-set angle adjustments to give a full range of custom bevels. The quick release cam-lock handle can accept any four-inch Diamond Whetstone and folds for compact storage. All kits include a black fabric roll pouch that can be carried in a backpack for use in the field. Best of all, the whetstones are exclusively diamond, and they may be used dry or with a couple drops of water for lubrication, so there are no messy honing oils. Plus, a DMT exclusive feature - guide clap can be used as a jig to hone larger knives on a bench model whetstone.

With the Aligner system, an ultra-sharp edge can be easily obtained by working through progressively finer grits. Even without prior sharpening experience, you can easily keep a perfect edge on kitchen knives and sporting blades with a DMT Aligner kit.

Two stone kit (fine and coarse) quickly restores a cutting edge on severely dulled blades and maintains a working edge.
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