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Camping Tents

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       Your tent is the main peace of camping gear you need to camp in the great outdoors. At High Mountain Discount Camping Supply, we carry the best camping tents on the market today. We have a line of camping tents from one to nine people, that are waterproof, which are made by Chinook, Paha Que, Stansport, and Wenzel. Our cabin tents are roomy and keep you dry in all kinds of weather. Dome tents can be set up fast, easy, and range in sizes from one person camping tents to 2 to 3 room family cabin tents. We carry dome camping tents from one person backpacking tents to Family tents with two rooms and are tall enough to stand up in. There are dome tents and cabin tents. We have beach tents that will help keep you out of the sun and cool at the beach. Our food tents will help to keep leaves and bugs away from your food. Here at High Mountain Camping, we want you camping experience to be the best and most enjoyable it can be. We look forward to serving you with all your camping needs.

     Your tent is the most important piece of your outdoor experience—pick one that is best fitted for your outdoor experience. This will make your trip feel like you are at home. Some tents are designed for use in camping areas. They are heaver and bulker. Backpacking tents are made of lightweight material, which is compact and easy to set up. They will not have as much room in them as other tents. They pack well and well in all weather conditions. Think about the type of camping you’re planning when selecting your tent. Cabin tents are great for making you feel at home in the outdoors. You can use cots, camp chairs or air mattresses in them. Dome tents are designed to withstand the forces from wind and rain. If you are spending the night off the trail should use this type of tent. These tents have more room than a backpacking tent, but are lighter than a cabin tent.
Purchase a tent with features that will make you the most comfortable on your trip. A tent with a vestibule has a covered area outside the main area of the tent. This gives you more room to store your gear at your camp.

Camping Tents

Food TentsFood TentsTents to keep your food safe. One Person Solo TentsOne Person Solo TentsTents for one person that are easily carried in your backpack. Two Person TentsTwo Person TentsWe are selling Two Person Tents for camping, hiking, or biking
Three Person TentsThree Person TentsWe have Three Person Tents for backpacking, camping, and Hunting. Four Person TentsFour Person TentsSelling Four Person Tents for great camping adventures. Five PersonFive PersonFive Person Tents for that camping trip, hunting trip, or that Boy Scout camping trip
Six PersonSix PersonSix Person Tents to have fun camping, or hunting with family, friends, or scouts. Seven Person TentsSeven Person TentsSeven Person Tents for that base camp. When your are out camping, or hunting with family, friends, or scouts. Shelters & Screen roomsShelters & Screen roomsShelters & Screen rooms for parties, and camping trips.
TarpsTarpsTarps for shade, and protection Tent AccessoriesTent AccessoriesTent Accessories to help make your tent be the best, and keep it in top shape.

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