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Welcome! To High Mountain Camping
At High Mountain we love the outdoors just like you. We use the gear we sell. We carry a line of camping supplies for all ages, from the novice to the experienced outdoorsman. We have fantastic bargains on all kinds of  equipment for the great outdoors, all at a 20% to 50% discount.. When you are outdoors you need the best supplies you can buy, but you need your gear at the best price.

Featured outdoor products

What you might need for first Trip

      If you are a novice to camping and wondering what equipment to buy, start with a good sleeping bag - get one for the type of weather you will be camping in. If the sleeping bag is too hot or too cold it can make for a bad trip, but, remember that there are a lot of other things to help stay warmer or cooler, like thermal underwear, sweat suits or shorts. You can also use a blanket. I carry an old sleeping bag that the zipper was lost and put it on the ground and sleep on top of it if it is warmer. I cover up with it if it is colder. A sleeping pad is also great, or an air mattress is even better. I have done many trips with just a sleeping bag, but, the more comfortable you are the better your camping trip will be. There is a wide selection of tents to choose from that will sleep from 1 to 8 people or more. A 2 or 3 man tent will work fine for most camping trips. If you are hiking it is better for the tent to be small, like a 1 man tent, and light weight. If you are hiking to the camp site you might want a lightweight tent and backpack, depending on how much you are planning to carry. If you are driving to your camp site you can carry heavier tents, etc. We have used a 2 room tent that you can stand up in sometimes, but, the tent needs to be a good quality tent. Do you want a lot of room? How many people is it for? When you purchase  your tents, set it up in the backyard or some where so you can see what it is like to set up your tent and make sure all the parts are there. Set it up 2 or 3 times so you are familiar with your tent. You can also put your sleeping bag in your tent, that way you know how you are going to set your tent up. I always set mine up when I get home from camping trip. this way I can clean it up and make sure my tent is in good condition, dry and that all parts are there in good condition. That way when I put my tents up it is ready to go for the next camping trip. I always carry some seam-seal with me, with a stocked repair kit for emergency use on the trail. When you break camp (pack everything away) let your tents be the last thing you break down and pack up, always make sure and dry it out before you put it up. Sweep it out and fold it up and put it back in its storage bag. We also use a rubbermaid tote to put all our gear in (tents, sleeping bags, air mattress, camping supplies) that way it is all together for the next camping trip.

What am I going to eat when I am camping

      When it comes meals while you are camping. There are a lot of things you can do; sandwiches, prepared meals, but, you can't beat a hot cooked meal. That is why at High Mountain Camping LLC we carry a great line of camping Stoves. When we are camping with the Boy Scouts we had hot meals in the morning and evening and sandwiches for lunch. Breakfast was eggs, bacon, sausage,and pancakes. Supper was anything from hamburgers to steaks, hot dogs work great too. We even made biscuits, brownies, and cobbler. We always eat good when we are camping. In my opinion, nothing tastes better in the morning when you are out camping than eggs and bacon. You can cook on the camp fire or use a camp stove. They come in sizes from a lightweight personal camp stove to camp stove with 1 to 3 or more burners. They can use propane, butane, or alcohol and some even use white gas. Remember, at home keep your camp stove handy during power outages so you can cook. Again, if you are hiking the lighter your backpack is the better.

What do I need for a hike

      When you are getting ready to go on a hike, you need to start with a good pair of shoes, something with ankle support. I prefer a hiking boot but, I have done hikes in tennis shoes The best thing is a waterproof hiking boot to keep your feet dry. You need something to carry water in for your hike - a water bottle or canteen will work for this - some backpacks even have a bladder in them for water. You also need a first aide kit in your backpack The type of backpack you need depends on what you like and what you need to carry. They have backpacks for your waist that are small, then day backpacks, an internal frame backpack or external frame backpack that you can carry supplies for a hike for a week or more. For a day hike my suggestion is a small backpack or a waist pack (fanny pack). I would have a compass (even if you have a GPS), a knife ( I have a Leatherman), a signal mirror, an extra pair socks, and a hand towel. Some optional items are a shirt, Fire starter (flint), some snacks (beef jerky, granola bar, fruit), maybe some gum or candy. You also need a map of the area. Carry a map even if you use a GPS, it might break or you might lose it or the battery might just die and then what. That is where the map and compass come in handy.
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